Waiting Room

The easy, affordable and fully compliant HIPAA program system for your clinic and doctors to get started in Telemedicine and reach out to your patients whether at work or at home.

It’s easy and affordable for your clinic and doctors to get started in Telemedicine. Net Medical introduces the “Waiting Room” software. Waiting Room is a fully compliant HIPAA program to reach out to your patients, whether at work or at home, whenever they need to talk to you. The package comes with an Amazon Cloud Server and a subscription to Net Medical’s Waiting Room. The total solution is $800 per year to set up your Waiting Room. Each doctor in your clinic can get his own waiting room for about $21 a month. You can use the product as often as you want. There’s no limit to the number of calls you can make with your subscription. Net Medical provides the engineering, program management, IT support, and infrastructure for using the Waiting Room. All you need is a Web camera, Google Chrome browser, and Microphone/Speakers to get started. To discuss the service availability with our sales team, please call 505-255-1999 ext 300 for more details.



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