HL7 Integration

Net Medical’s telemedicine platform supports HL7 version 2.x for reporting observation results.
Integration with clinical information systems is available as a one-way ORU message feed and can be
setup in either batched or real-time interface configurations.
Interface Configurations


In batched mode, messages are delivered once per day, in a batch consisting of the observation results
from the previous day. Each batch is provided as new-line delimited messages in a plain text file. The
batch file is transferred via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), or a suitable alternative (encrypted)
transfer protocol.


In real-time mode, messages are delivered as observation results become available. HL7 MLLP
(Minimum Lower Layer Protocol) version 2 with message acknowledgment support is the only
available message transport. An IPSec VPN is required for encrypted tunneling.



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