Custom TBB Platform

  • Video Conferencing
  • Digital Documents
  • Cloud Based Services
  • Prescription Submission
  • Prescription Prior-Auth
  • Scheduling
  • Single Visit
  • Permission Management
  • Customized & Hosted App Integration



Instead of purchasing an application for your telemedicine deployment that just doesn’t fit your needs, take a look at our new customizable building block tools. Net Medical has the programming staff to customize telemedicine. Our Office of Program Management helps you think through the way you’d like to handle telemedicine –

whatever you’re working on quickly and easily through our Telemed Building Block technology. We’ll even provide the interconnectivity to your existing web based medical programs.


Once developed, we’ll even assist with our network of specialists licensed in all 50 states, putting the finishing touches on your requirements for a cost-efficient program for today’s telemedicine needs.


Contact Net Medical’s program management team. We’ll demonstrate how easy it’ll be to use Net Medical technology for telemedicine. And the best part……it’ll be deployable in weeks not months.




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