Telemedicine Platform

Does having cameras automatically mean you can do telemedicine?

You need a Telemedicine Platform, which is entirely different than an application.

Just adding bandages to the wounds, one on top of the other, with additional applications isn’t enough. Without a platform and a plan, you are headed towards chaos. Learn from our expert telemedicine team. Net Medical will build a custom telemedicine program and platform around your needs. Our Building Block Platform allows you to add the features that you need with the flexibility to grow as your telemedicine needs expand.

Does your telemedicine platform have…

  • The flexibility to grow?
  • A professional appearance?
  • Licensing and credentialing controls?
  • Robust security controls?
  • 24-hour support?
  • The budget for IT overhead at multiple locations?
  • Training for multiple exam types?
  • User role restrictions?
  • Portability?
  • Notifications?
  • Limitations?

One to one is simple, one too many is challenging, many to many is extremely complex.

Our platform is designed to handle many to many. We have experience with large-scale telemedicine implementations. Learn more about Net Medical’s:

  • Custom TBB Platform (link to page)
  • Digital Paper (link to page)
  • Security (link to page)
  • HL7 Integration (link to page)
  • Support – 24/7 Call Center (link to page)


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