Initially form in 1995 as New Mexico Software, Net Medical has been a publicly traded company since 1999. Starting as a secure web-based digital storage application, Net Medical incorporated the lessons learned in digital asset management to create solid telemedicine solutions with security at the forefront.  In 2008 Net Medical began offering Teleradiolgy services, gradually expanding services to over 20,000 facilities in all 50 states. On February 1, 2012 the first Teleneurology consult was completed with a rural hospital in northern New Mexico. In 2014 UNM Health Sciences Center and the ACCESS program partnered with Net Medical to provide Teleneurology and Teleneurosurgery services to New Mexico Hospitals after receiving a $15.1 million grant from CMS.

Currently, Net Medical has expanded the number of services provided and continually updates the software platform with the latest technology. Contact Net Medical today to see how you can build your telemedicine program.

Meet the Net Medical Executive Leadership Team

Dick Govatski


Richard ‘Dick’ Govatski is the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman, and founding member of Net Medical. Prior to New Mexico Software, he spent 18 years in systems integration and publishing, both in Sales Management and Software Development. He led the sales teams for Popular Electronics, Computer Shopper, Shutterbug and MacWeek. Later he sold numerous solutions for vendors, including Kodak, Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems. Mr. Govatski also spent several years in systems development as President of Media Publishing Group and built graphic applications for companies including Ferrari Color, Time Magazine, New York Daily News and Getty Images. Mr. Govatski received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Butler University, located in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1968.

Rafael Rubio


Rafael Rubio is the Chief Technology Officer. ……..

Yadira Ortiz


Yadira Ortiz is the Chief Financial Officer. She has been with Net Medical since 2004……..

Miguel Williams

IT and Operations Manager


Trish Condon

Credentialing Manager


Stephenie Wilson

Project Manager

Stephenie worked her way through the company and has worked in almost all of the positions…

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